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Women in Business Series: Pip Cleaves

by Megan Iemma on March 24, 2017 , No comments

Women in Business Series: Pip Cleaves

This ‘Women in Business’ Series is focusing on how women use #technology in their businesses and what #tools they use on a daily basis.

Question 1: What is your name, explain your business?

I’m Pip Cleaves, Senior Education Consultant at Design Learn Empower. At DLE we support teachers and schools everywhere to build future focused learning opportunities for students everywhere.

Question 2: What do you think is the biggest #technology factor affecting your #business in 2017?

This year I am really busy, so I need to be able to work anywhere. At a desk and even on a sofa, I need to access files and work on them at the flick of a wifi switch.

I wouldn’t be able to keep my business growing as it is if I didn’t have Office 365 and my Surface Book.

My Office 365 tenant gives me the potential to work anywhere anytime, remaining productive and creative as I build my business. My Surface Book gives me the physical ability to work whenever I need. My Surface book is light weight and fits in my bag, ready to be pulled out at any café, library and desk when I need to Skype with colleagues across the globe for a global tweet session. The ability to ink over slides and into my OneNote gives me an edge that draws my paper based and digital world together on one device. I literally wouldn’t be without it.

Question 3: How do you use Office365 in your business?

Office 365 is my skeleton. As I work with a variety of education sectors (Independent, Public, Catholic, and Higher Education) who have access to varying installations of Office 365, I need to be able to access all of these instances. I currently have 4 tenants syncing to my computer and login to another two via the cloud. My own Office 365 tenant is my administrative and creative backbone.

Question 3b: What is your favourite feature of Office365 and why?

Just one? That’s a tough decision! Many in the education sector know I am a true OneNote devotee. I love the flexibility of OneNote.

I love the positives it brings to learning in the classroom. The Learning Tools add-in brings a level of equality never seen to many. It opens up learning and levels the literacy playing field. The ClassNotebook structure and add-in remove the need for teachers to be moving between LMS and online cloud storage. It helps teachers to build true collaboration and learning through technology to the classroom.

Question 3c: Would you recommend Office365 to other SMB owners?

I ran my company for 3 years without Office 365. Once I set up my own tenant, it brought everything together and made me feel more secure in my own business. It helped me feel more professional and ready for expansion as needed.

Question 4: What do you think are important digital literacy skills for SMB’s?

As an SMB we need to be efficient and effective when using technology. We are so busy, that we need technology to just work, and to just work well.

We need a high level of ‘Universal Literacy’ such as knowing basic digital tools like Office365, be able to manipulate images, have a toolkit of cloud based apps at our fingertips and know how to complete basic web editing using a WYSIWIG editor.

Social Media literacy is also important. We should all know how to create and maintain a positive social media presence for our companies.

Question 5: How would you encourage more women to use tech in their business?

We all know that as a female entrepreneur our lives are crazy sometimes. When used well, technology is our best friend. It helps us work from anywhere. It helps us look like we have an army of supporters behind us. It helps us look like we are the most creative and organised people in the universe. Why wouldn’t you use technology when it makes us all look so wonderful?

Stay tuned for more articles in this 6 part series on Women in Business and #Technology.

This post was brought to you by #SurfaceLife #Ambassador, Megan Iemma from Tech Coach HQ. 


Megan IemmaWomen in Business Series: Pip Cleaves

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