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Women In Business Series: Ann Watson

by Megan Iemma on May 21, 2017 , No comments

Women in Business Series: Ann Watson  

‘Entrepreneur Whisperer’

1: What is your name and explain your business in a paragraph please?

My name is Ann Watson trading as the ‘Entrepreneur Whisperer‘.  I am a business coach with three main areas of focus: Owner/Key Decision Maker; Systems & Admin and Staff/Teams.  I offer coaching, training, mentoring and strategic planning to small businesses.  I am a qualified coach (ICF) and a BAS Agent with a fair dash of social intelligence so I have the vision to inspire while also bringing about practical outcomes.

Question 2: What do you think is the biggest #technology factor affecting your #business in 2017?

I think one of the biggest issues is having multiple choices for software on multiple devices.  As a coach, I have multiple clients and have my own Office 365 account while at the same time I access another three Microsoft 365s that I operate and contribute to.  Setting it all up is still not complete and I wonder what will happen when yet more new programs come.  I do not want to have files and data spread all over the place (or Cloud).  For example what cloud options do you use to store your information?

Question 3: How do you use your Surface Pro in your business?

I want my Surface Pro to be my mobile office and portal to all my data.

Question 3b: What is your favourite feature of the SurfacePro and why?

Its speed and responsiveness!

Question 3c: Would you recommend the Surface Pro to other SMB owners?

Yes, definitely.

Question 4: What do you think are important digital literacy skills for SMB’s?

After the basic office programs, I find the biggest problem in SMBs is the ability to organise their files in meaningful ways.  We can scan and store but so very few have developed naming conventions or tagging that is meaningful to all staff.

As our data floats in the cloud I think we all need to understand security and protecting our own IP. An example of this is using Authenticators and password protection.

There are multiple problems with choosing software. I guess half the time and hope the new software will be compatible.  Another is to develop good digital habits – I have seen some messy computers, emails lost/misplaced and forgotten passwords.

Finally, understanding the jargon and what the differences are e.g. all the various suffixes etc.

Question 5: How would you encourage more women to use tech in their business?

I think women get less excited about the technology itself and more interested what it can do for them now in the shortest time possible.  I think women prefer a more visual approach and a clear sequence of choices that they can respond to quickly. Maybe like women’s attitude toward cars, they spend time choosing but in the end, they just want to get in and drive… so maybe a smart looking, people friendly and efficient technology will appeal more readily.

I think women would like more time on so many levels so technology in business should appeal to giving them more time.  I also think women would be attracted to technology that other women recommend and show practical ways to use the technology.

Stay tuned for more articles in this 6 part series on Women in Business and #Technology.

This post was brought to you by #SurfaceLife #Ambassador, Megan Iemma from Tech Coach HQ. 


Megan IemmaWomen In Business Series: Ann Watson

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