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Women in Business Series: Jacinta Cubis

by Megan Iemma on July 2, 2017 , No comments

Women in Business Series: Jacinta Cubis and using technology in her business

Question 1: What is your name, explain your business in a paragraph please?

My name is Jacinta Cubis and my business is Qbis. I work as a facilitator engagement practitioner, partnership broker and I facilitate to make things easier for organisations.

I’ve worked with groups across regional centres, in Melbourne’s west and in its growth corridors. I’ve worked on issues that I care about – health and wellbeing, education pathways for young people, giving voice to the disenfranchised, active cities, road safety and improving the communication of complex scientific evidence.

Question 2: What do you think is the biggest #technology factor affecting your #business in 2017?

One of the biggest technology issues that I am facing is managing apps on my device and how will it slow down my computer in terms of speed.

As a Small Business Owner and sole trader, there are often too many options for both hardware and software and disappearing down bunny holes trying to find the right solutions for my business. I am trying to keep it simple but am constantly faced with alternatives.

Another frustrating technology issue is constant updates to software that I use and having to figure out how to use it once it does change.  This also applies to presenting with my device as there are often issues with the device not being recognised when connected to projectors etc.

Question 3: How do you use your Surface Pro in your business?

The Surface Pro 4 is only PC that I have. I love that it’s really convenient and it’s light. With my business it is vital that I can draw directly into documents. I will often interchange between the tablet and the PC function quite a bit.

Question 3b: What is your favourite feature of the Surface Pro 4 and why?

As a facilitator, I am often drawing ideas and concepts. I will draw directly into Powerpoints  as well as annotating existing Powerpoint slides. During the process of designing my website I have used Snip  (from Office Mix) to give feedback to my website and graphic designer. These images then also can go straight into documents or save it as a picture. I also enjoy using the camera on the Surface Pro 4 as well.

Question 3c: Would you recommend the Surface Pro/Book to other SMB owners?

My first question would be ‘What are you looking to use it for? Is it the right tool for your job or business? It would be great if you could test drive the Surface Pro 4 to see if it is the right fit.

Question 4: What do you think are important digital literacy skills for SMB’s?

As a SMB it’s often important to be about to troubleshoot (and sometimes fix things) and not panic.

As mentioned before, what are the pro’s and con’s of each software. You often don’t know what you don’t know and can waste time trying to find a solution for your business. Often people will dive into subscriptions for various software purely on recommendations from other people without understanding whether it is right for their business.

Question 5: How would you encourage women to use tech in their business?

I have learnt about technology and how to use it from my support networks such as TechMadeSimple (a FB group for SMB owners) and Women’s Business networks. It’s here where I have had to ask questions to troubleshoot my technology issues. Sometimes it can be difficult to know the right questions to ask in ‘tech language’.

I encourage women to be brave and to sit down with other people and learn. Often you just have to set aside time each week to ‘learn and play’.

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This post was brought to you by #SurfaceLife #Ambassador, Megan Iemma from Tech Coach HQ.

Megan IemmaWomen in Business Series: Jacinta Cubis

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