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Running your small business using a Surface Pro

by Megan Iemma on December 11, 2016 , No comments

Running your small business using a Surface Pro

Tech Coach HQ has been running a series on interesting individuals who run their own business with a focus on how they use their Surface Pro devices.  Recently I interviewed a friend and colleague Paul Broadfoot from http://paulbroadfoot.com/  who is also a fellow #SurfacePro user.

Here are the questions from the interview:

What do you do in your business?

I run workshops and programs for companies that want to lead their markets by building new disruptive business units. Business Model Innovation in other words.

How do you help people?

I work with teams to identify new, high growth opportunities in times of rapid market change. Our frameworks generate fast design of new business models. It’s a hack.  The results are more revenue, sooner.

Markets in high change make it vital to innovate the way companies work so they can innovate their markets rather than just their products and services. We engage executives and next level leaders ‘to create strategy more entrepreneurially’. They love it and the business gets their engagement, energy and passion for the future.

What services do you currently offer?

I run one and two day workshops with corporate teams to teach them business model innovation frameworks in a fun and engaging setting so they learn the ‘hacks’ outside of their own environment (otherwise we get – ‘that’ll never work here’ thinking) and then they take those skills of looking at things through strategic frameworks back into their own businesses. Of course, that isn’t nearly enough to actually launch a new business but that’s a start. From there, we run programs to innovate business models internally and for the serious, we launch these new businesses.

So it’s a LEARN IT, DESIGN IT, LAUNCH IT process from start to finish.

How does technology i.e. the Surface Pro helps you be more effective in what you do?

I love my Surface Pro – front and back cameras, And the mics and speakers just seem to work whenever and wherever I need them even when I have external mics, cameras and speakers. This is so important for me when hosting a webinar, during a Skype meeting with a client or speaking at an event. I use it to dictate to voice recognition software.

Paul Broadfoot using his Surface Pro device img_5690

It’s so light and portable – I don’t use anything else – it has replaced my desktop and other tablets. It starts up so fast that I feel confident using it to present information to potential clients, rather than carrying around old school brochures. With lots of travel it’s small enough to easily work on the plane and the battery life kills my old notebook. I liked it so much I am in the process of converting the rest of the family over to them too. My youngest daughter in Year 10 was the first to switch over, it’s a competition for who can tap into more of its features.

I love including my stick figure drawings on some of my presentation slides to keep it real – having the surface pen to annotate docs and the interactive touch screen is brilliant.

Stay tuned for more stories from SMB owners who use a SurfacePro to run their business.

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Megan IemmaRunning your small business using a Surface Pro

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