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Microsoft Word hacks

by Megan Iemma on August 17, 2016 , No comments

Microsoft Word Hacks 

One of the most used applications is Microsoft Word. Either in schools, businesses or in the corporate world. When I was in high school, I studied a subject called ‘Keyboarding’. I got to learn all the basics including touch typing, how to format documents in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Microsoft Publisher. I picked up ‘word hacks’ along the way and every so often I learn new tricks.

Here are some of my favourite examples in recent times that really save me time as a digital coach and as an educator. Did you know that I have started my own #Pinterest #MicrosoftWordHacks Board to collect these handy ideas. Check them out.

Microsoft Word Hacks on Pinterest

Document Management

Do you have Auto Save and Auto Recover switched on in Word? Go to File > Options > Save Once you have checked this, make sure the box is ticked for ‘Save AutoRecover information every x minutes’. A handy hint for this is if you are not sure you will remember to save, then keep the number to 10 mins.

microsoft word save locations

Formatting your Word Document:

Copy formatting of previous text (there is nothing worse than trying to copy a section of text and the formatting doesn’t come with it)

Paragraphs: Ever had trouble highlighting the CORRECT word or paragraph? Try this trick:

Double click on a word to get it to HIGHLIGHT the word.

If you would like the whole paragraph to be HIGHLIGHTED, Triple click anywhere on a paragraph and the whole passage is then selected. Thanks to Yvonne Adele (another Microsoft SMB Ambassador) and amazing MC, Speaker and Presenter for sharing her favourite #MicrosoftWord Hack.

Page Breaks: There is nothing worse than thinking you have to press enter to get a page break, just use Ctrl + Enter to create a new page break.

Adding in Lines: Have you ever need to add a line in your document and don’t want to waste time finding the right option in #Word? Just use three hyphens and then press ENTER and it will create a new line.

Like — =

Things that are a pain to do (Like create tables): If you would like to create a table type a plus sign (+) then press TAB key; again type a plus (+) and again press TAB key. Try this as many times as the number of cells you want in your table. When you are ready to create your table, simply press ENTER and your table will appear in your document.

Inserting tables into Microsoft Word

Style Settings in Word

Do you really know how to use features such as the ‘Style’ settings in Microsoft Word? Here is a great article from Microsoft Office Support to show you how to edit the ‘Styles’ settings so you can customise it for various options. Thanks to the team from Microsoft for this tip.

microsoft word modify style

Ten Top ShortCuts (Not regular ones)

Shortcuts really can make your life a lot easier if you remember the basics such as Ctrl + C (Copy) and Ctrl + V (Paste). You would be surprised how many people actually have never been taught these basic shortcuts when using their computer. I have found a few more that might come in handy.

  1. You need to increase your font by one size, use this: Ctrl + Shift + >
  2. To delete the word to the right of your cursor: Ctrl + Del
  3. To insert the date into a document: Shift + Alt + D
  4. To insert the time into a document: Shift + Alt + T
  5. To change the space to single line spacing: Ctrl + 1
  6. To change the space to double line spacing: Ctrl + 2
  7. To change the space to 1.5 line spacing: Ctrl + 5
  8. If you have written in all CAPS LOCK or lowercase: use Shift + F3 to change
  9. To re-arrange your lists/ideas use: ALT + SHIFT + the UP or DOWN key
  10. Insert your signature via a scanned image (this is too long just to paste a quick shortcut, but it applies to Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016).

We will be sharing some of these great tips on The Women in Leadership Podcast with Annmarie Cross from the Podcasting Queen. Megan will be also sharing these as short #onebyte videos on her YouTube channel as a Microsoft SMB Ambassador. Here is Megan’s last blog post on Getting back to basics with OneNote.

Megan IemmaMicrosoft Word hacks

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