Your Business Benefits When It Is Tech-Smart .

Your business or workplace needs to use technology to be less paper based, more productive and more profitable. But where do you start? Tech Coach HQ has the solution. Tech Coach HQ offers bespoke technology solutions to ensure you overcome ‘technology overwhelm’ by providing easy-to-understand technology and mobile solutions that are relevant to your business needs.

Tech Coach HQ empowers your business in:

• Digital organisation
• Digital productivity
• Make your smartphone and/or tablet work for you
• Customising a ‘tech prescription’ for your business encompassing ‘Apps, Tools and Gadgets’
• Use social media efficiently AND effectively
• Plan powerful digital content for your website
• Develop and implement an effective social media strategy

Who Tech Coach HQ helps:

• All businesses…small, medium and large.
• Boards of management
• Busy executives and managers
• Professional service providers

How can Tech Coach HQ help you?

• Research the best technology solutions for your business or workplace
• Provide customised materials and tech support via phone, Skype or email
• Monthly Retainer Package
• Single Coaching Session
• One-to-one coaching can be delivered face-to-face, via Skype or via Google Hangouts.

Workshops for your team

Topics include:
• Digital organisation & digital de-clutter
• Organise your business using Evernote
• Run a paperless business
• Run your business via your mobile device
• Save time and money using your mobile device
• Deliver amazing digital presentations
• Create digital content for an effective website and/or social media strategy
• Be Social Media savvy in your business

Become TecFit!

Tech Coach HQ’s business coaching is ideal to help your business become paperless, productive and profitable.