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Using Pinterest for your business

by admin on March 8, 2013 , No comments

Using Pinterest for your business expands the possibilities whether you have a service based business or product based business.

I have been using “Pinterest” to create archives of interesting topics and ideas for both personal and professional use. The most helpful idea behind “Pinterest” is “pinning” ideas to a board (which you have previously created when you initially set up your account).

I love the idea of a website being displayed visually on a board (so you can clearly see what the website is about rather than just reading the words. Not all websites however can be “pinned” and there is sometimes a “Pinterest” icon (see below) to add a website to your collection of ideas.

Like many other social media platforms, you can “follow” a person, and this in turn adds their ideas to your boards.

One of the boards I am currently working on is ‘mLearning for Business“. These apps are not necessarily designed for business usage but by thinking outside the square they definitely can be used.

adminUsing Pinterest for your business

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