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How to use apps for fitness

by admin on February 17, 2014 , 1 comment

How to use Apps for Fitness


Apps for Fitness and keeping fit with gadgets that sync to your mobile device are becoming more popular. I know I shouldn’t love ‘Tech Gadgets’, but must admit that having my FitBit Flex back on my wrist again has definitely motivated me to get up to 10,000 steps a day! I had it back in October for about a month and then managed to lose it at a shopping centre. Back in Jan, received another one and definitely have been actively using it

FitBit Daily Habits.

What I have noticed is that I am more motivated to get moving in the morning and more conscious of exercise during the day. Having manage to lose nearly three kilos since I got the FitBit back at the end of January (with only walking during the day) I can definitely vouch for it’s benefits.

Like with anything, the gamification (and social sharing) is what makes FitBit a popular choice. I love the fact that when I get to a certain level I get a badge encouraging me to go further and this can be shared via social media. The other great aspect is being able to have that competitive edge and share it with your friends (to see how much they are doing as well).

Apps for Fitness: Monitoring Sleep


The other major factor for me is my sleep habits. Last night’s sleep, wasn’t very good and it was evident by the data recorded. I spent 15 minutes awake and 319 minutes restless (18 times during the night). This has been my highest record yet and only asleep for 4 hours and 4 mins.

This comes from the FitBit website :

‘The sensitive setting will cause your tracker to record nearly all movements as time spent awake. This setting may be helpful for users with sleep disorders, or those who wear their tracker somewhere other than the wrist while asleep’.

I know that there is a myriad of apps and devices out there that are designed to motivate individuals to get active, but here are some of my personal favourites that I am currently using:

Watching what you eat…

adminHow to use apps for fitness

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  • Simon@Mobile App Development Agency - February 25, 2014 reply

    I loved the way you have given the instruction apps to keep yourself fit. These apps are savior in current era.FitBit is really a nice thing that I got to know about here.

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