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Explain your business via mobile devices

by admin on November 17, 2013 , No comments

Explain your business via mobile devices.

Day 17

Best Explainer Video

Could you ‘Explain your business’ via mobile devices? Sometimes the biggest challenge that I have faced during this 30 day challenge (and well over half way now) is explaining what I do at Tech Coach HQ. I have had my iPad sitting in my handbag every day ready to do some work or show my website (and blog) or explain a concept. Having a visual aid really does make a difference and can help people conceptualise what a technology coach can do.

In today’s blog post I am going to be talking about several ways that you can explain your business or demonstrate knowledge for training purposes via your mobile devices. These can often be called ‘flipped’ videos where you watch the content before the class so that the concept has already been demonstrated and training time can be focused on discussions.

Yesterday, I talked about ‘explainer’ videos or ‘screencasts’ that are used to teach others about a concept or idea. This is great as a video for your landing or homepage to engage customers and share your vision with them. It also acts as a ‘call to action’ for whatever service or products you are offering.

Here is a link to screencasting via your desktop web browser. This guide lists both free, commercial and apps for tablet devices.

Definition of a screencast:

It is a video recording of a screen (tablet or desktop) with often narration helping describe what is happening as the mouse/arrow is moving around. Often ‘screencasts’ are video tutorials on particular concepts and a great way to learn when you don’t have ‘tech support’ or you need to learn a new concept.

Here are my 5 tips for creating a great screencast:

1. Plan, Plan, Plan: Use a storyboard app such as Index Cards (which was mentioned earlier in the 30 Day challenge) to brainstorm the sequence of your video.

2. Set out each of the slides (just like in a presentation) ready for recording. You can always import existing photos/videos, files, or a new picture/video into the presentation.

3. Write a script for the video. There is nothing worse than having to constantly re-record audio because of ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs and the storytelling not have a smooth flow to it.

4. Record the Audio and use a pointer to follow an idea (not available in all apps).

5. Export the file. This can be as a movie to the camera roll (iOS), YouTube (highly recommending setting up a personal YouTube channel) or to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote or WebDav depending on the app.

My favourite screencasting apps (for mobile devices) include:

Explain Everything: On the top of the list, this would have to be my favourite ‘screencasting’ app. It is both Android and iOS and retails at $2.99 for iOS and $3.36 for Android.  The best piece of advice I was given for creating these videos is to plan your material out first and then record the presentation. See below for an explanation of what each of the icons does.  The benefits of Explain everything is the ‘export’ options for both a still image and the videos. For images you can export to Camera Roll, Email, create a PDF to go to iBooks and also sync to cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and WebDav. David Kinane (@dakinane) has created three brillant video tutorials on this app, click here to go to the YouTube channel.

Explain Everything

Educreations: I love the slogan for this app. ‘Teach what you know, learn what you don’t’, this sums up what screencast videos are all about. This is a brilliant guide by Allistair Williamson from Pakuranga College in New Zealand. This is a free app available on the iTunes store.

Educreations App

ShowMe This is another screencasting app, it is not as advanced as Explain Everything but there is a community behind this app where video tutorials are shared. Click here to learn more with a tutorial on this app.

Explain A Website (iOS) This is put out by the same app developers as ‘Explain Everything’. It allows you to record a Explain a Website is an iPad screencasting tool that allows you to record an interaction with a website (from an iOS browser). An example using this would be ‘how to’ access some of the features of your website (i.e. online retail).

SCR Screen Recorder Pro (Android) There aren’t many Android options available when I was researching this topic, however Explain Everything is available for Android.

For me, this is one of my big projects to work on over the Christmas break. Researching apps takes time, but mastering them is another thing entirely. I am creating screencasts to go with this eBook to make it a much richer experience for the reader. Don’t forget to go back and have a look at yesterday’s blog post on ‘Making Videos for your business using Mobile Devices’.

adminExplain your business via mobile devices

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