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Evernote Training for Real Estate Agents

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Evernote Training for Real Estate Agents

I have been running Evernote training for Real Estate agents recently to improve their productivity, time management and client feedback. They have implemented this with the desktop, online and mobile versions of Evernote and exploring further apps that integrate with Evernote (see Evernote trunk) that are relevant to their business.

The more I use Evernote and discover little tips and tricks (see http://pinterest.com/meganaiemma/evernote-for-business-and-education/) a board that I created to share and curate ideas around using Evernote for business and education.

Sometimes, even watching a webinar http://evernote.com/business/resources/webinars/ can be very useful as you can pause, practice and learn when you need to. Here are seven practical solutions that I have suggested to my real estate client:

1.  Essential Information for Clients

My clients set up notebooks for each of the different suburbs that they managed and this included helpful information (and used Skitch to markup proximity to local attractions such as) – see screenshot

  1. Doctors/Medical Centres
  2. Supermarkets (Shopping Centres)
  3. Banks and other essential services such as Post Offices
  4. Restaurants
  5. Schools/Churches

Evernote and Skitch

2.  Share Notebooks with sales agents (so that they have access to data)

DMegan Iemma's Evernote Notebookid you know you can share your notebook stack (more than one notebook) or a single notebook with your admin or sales team? It’s well worth looking into Evernote Premium or Evernote Business to see how it can benefit your business with features such as searching for text within Office, iWork documents and PDF files.



3.  Email notes in and out of Evernote Notebooks

A common question is how to email notes directly into your Evernote notebooks. Each Evernote account is set up with an individual address and you will find it under your account settings or account info (for Evernote desktop).  If you would like to email your notes out (and even multiple notes click here for a tutorial with clients feedback and use tags to make your notes easier to find.

4. Checklists and Reminders for Admin and Real Estate Agents

Check list of items to do (using the checkbox feature within Notes) and also set reminders (see image). These reminders will be sent to your email address.

Desktop version of Evernote

5. Client Feedback

Record audio and written feedback after a “Open Inspection”. This can be down via your mobile device and always tag your notes with a client’s name or property so you can search within your Evernote Notebooks.  These notes you can then share with clients (via Public Link) as it only gives them access to that single note or notebook.

6. Research and Clipping Ideas from the Internet

Use Web Clipper, Evernote Clearly for your Internet Browser or an App (Dolphin browser) to research ideas, latest trends in real estate and houses.



7. Other apps that integrate with Evernote

There are various apps within the Evernote Trunk that will let you scan documents (Jot Not Scanner Pro), annotate over files and scan receipts (Expensify).

Evernote Training Packages

If you are looking to start using your mobile devices more productively, and want to know more about how Evernote can benefit your business contact Megan @ Tech Coach HQ for some great Evernote Training packages and support.

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