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Evernote Training in Australia

by admin on December 2, 2013 , 1 comment

Evernote Training in Australia

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Evernote Training for Teams and Individuals

About 6 months ago, I had a client ring me and ask if I did ‘Evernote Training’? They were based here in Melbourne and could only find videos on how to use Evernote, not someone who could come and run Evernote Training. This was a perfect opportunity to further develop a workshop that I had used for conferences into a 2.5-3 hour workshop for teams. It is much shorter for a 1:1 coaching session.

Evernote Workshops in Melbourne

Recently, I have been running free Evernote ‘Taster’ workshops in Melbourne at York Butter Factory (located in King St, Melbourne CBD). These workshops have been run by WeTeachMe with the view to building the Evernote community in Australia. This workshop will run in Janurary and depending on numbers, I will most likely just be running it once every 4 months.

I will be looking to set up a Meetup group in Melbourne in 2014 based on Evernote and using it in your business.

The most interesting thing I have found when training people using Evernote is how they set up their notebooks or even manage their notes. Some people just create multiple notes that is all in the one folder without any tags and others had used all their notebooks up (over 250 of them).

Three reasons why I use Evernote

  1. It’s cloud based as well as desktop and mobile (can access it at anytime or any location).
  2. It can bring information into the software as well as exporting information.
  3. It’s free (there is Evernote Premium and Evernote Business if you need to upgrade the features).

Evernote | Remember everything with Evernote, Skitch and our other great apps.


Case Studies for Business using Evernote

  1. Service Providers using it for clients (with typing notes, taking relevant images and including an audio message at the end of the note to encourage or update clients with actions before the next meeting).
  2. Using it for team meetings  (set agendas – and then add reminders when tasks are due)
  3. Use it for team projects (can share notebooks and keep everyone updated).
  4. Perfect for sales team members with meeting targets and keeping notes all in one place.
  5. Bloggers: Handwrite ideas in Penultimate, or even scribble notes on a printable Blog Planner calendar (and then use the Document Camera feature to capture your handwriting). Evernote will then search within that image for your handwriting (regardless of whether you have ‘tagged’ certain keywords.

Introduction To Evernote

Have you ever seen the green elephant logo of  Evernote and wondered? Evernote is both a web based and mobile based (Android and iOS) program that can capture everything from audio, text and images. Probably the best feature is that it syncs over desktop, mobile and online platforms. The latest iOS7 update sees the document camera feature added to the mobile platform as well as Post-It Notes (see here for more details).

Overall, this is a fantastic software application which has many uses in everything from attending conferences (taking audio, pictures, typing notes), to business meetings, client projects and using it for daily management of your business.


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  • Elspeth - October 3, 2016 reply

    any chance you run these sessions in Sydney? I live in Hong Kong but am here from time to time and would very much welcome Evernote Training

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