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Essential tools for business organisation

by admin on November 19, 2013 , No comments

Essential tools for business organisation

Day 19

Are you organised?

Essential tools for business organisation can be sorting emails, taking notes for telephone calls or even just keeping your calendar sorted so you can be in the right place at the right time.

As my business has got busier, I have had to be more disciplined about using iCal and Google Calendar to make sure I don’t forget any appointments. After one week, where I had forgotten three important meetings it was time to step up and set up some good systems.

What works for one person, will not work for another. Like any good system, try for at least 6 weeks so you can tweak it as you go until you find something that works for you.

Sorting Emails:

Depending on what email client you use, depends on the features you can access. You might have heard of a ‘zero’ inbox (for me getting my emails down to 200 in one account is what I am trying for at the moment).  If you have a gmail account (Google email) there are several options listed below:

MailBox app:

This is only for gmail accounts currently but this app helps you get your emails down to ‘zero’ with features such as ‘swiping messages to trash or archive’, ‘snoozing emails’ and reading them later and see entire email conversations in a chat like format (making it much easier to read).

Boomerang  is the Android equivalent for Mailbox. It’s free in the Google Play store.

OWA for iPad or iPhone: There is an app from Microsoft Office that gives you the functionality of using Microsoft Outlook via a mobile device. There is the catch that you must have a current business subscription to Office 365 (see yesterday’s blog post).

Managing your tasks:

Tasks and Notes for MS Exchange: (Android)

This is a fully featured tasks, notes and lists app that syncs with Microsoft Exchange and it syncs with your PC, phone and tablet.

Task Task HD:(iOS and Windows Store)

This is a task management app that syncs with most exchange servers including Microsoft Exchange. It allows you to create tasks, manage tasks, and set things up the way you like.

TaskTask HD

Calendars and More:

Google Calendar (Syncing with other business or family members)

Managing your business and your meeting schedule via a shared calendar can make perfect sense as your PA/VA (virtual assistant) can see what meetings you have coming up. Likewise, it’s great for your partner or husband/wife to see your schedule. I know personally, it is has been much easier having my calendar synced on the mobile devices in the house so that if my husband wants to go out somewhere we can schedule our times accordingly.

Here are some great reasons for using a shared calendar:

1. Scheduling: The ability to let others know if you are busy or free.

2. Access your calendar anywhere at anytime (it even syncs with iCal)

3. Reminders: A great tool for helping you to get to meetings on time (and on the right day).

4. Send invitations and track RSVP’s: I love this feature in iCal and in Google Calendar and it helps me see whether the other people are attending or not.

Pocket Informant Pro: This is my favourite app as it has the Calendar (synced with Google Calendars and iCal), ToDo List, Notes and Contacts all within the one app. I love that this app now integrates with Evernote and other apps listed on the website. It isn’t cheap at $9.49 in the Australian iTunes Store and the Android version (Pocket Informant 3) is $10.48.

Pocket Informant Pro

On that note, there are several items that I need to address in my calendar. Hope you are enjoying this mini-series on ‘Digital Productivity’. Please leave a comment on what your favourite ways of managing your time include (these might be apps) or not. Remember, always take things ‘one byte’ at a time.

adminEssential tools for business organisation

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