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Being Mobile as an entrepreneur in business

by admin on November 26, 2013 , 2 comments

Being Mobile as an entrepreneur in business

Day 26

Are you an entrepreneur? From Tech Coach HQ

Last year, when I was having dinner with my dear mentor, John Kolm from TeamResults in a lovely restaurant in Melbourne and he made a comment which really made me stop and think. ‘You have always been an entrepreneur’. I have associated myself with many things like musician, harpsichordist, teacher, music teacher, swimming coaching, choral conductor, Music Director but not an entrepreneur.

Definition of an Entrepreneur

One definition of an Entrepreneur is from Dictionary.com: “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”

As we near the end of 2013, I have well and truly accepted the fact that I am an entrepreneur and probably have been doing this since 2006 but this is the first year I have acknowledged it.

In the age of digital technology and more businesses going ‘paperless’ we still need to manage some of those traditional processes like paying bills (which sometimes still come in paper form) as well as those that are sent online. See below for five brilliant ways of managing your time, money and skills as an entrepreneur.

Task 1: Helping Entrepreneurs stay focused (and not get distracted)

Gneo (iOS)

This app was recommended to me by a friend who said, you just need to try it. During this year, I have researched over 700 apps both Android and iOS and definitely am enjoying this app. I love the fact that it has Evernote integration. A vital addition to any app is syncing to your calendar. Gneo has a feature entitled ‘Forecast’ which accesses your calendar so you can plan your tasks accordingly (in between appointments or activities). Work Canvas helps you to prioritise your day according to urgent/not urgent, important/not important that is set out in a quadrant so it is easy to view.

Task 2: Keeping you on task (how much time are you really taking?)

Hours tracker (iOS and Android)

As an entrepreneur (and especially as a technology coach), my time is valuable and much of it is spent on research and keeping up to date with latest trends and ideas. I have started to use this app to keep focused on each of the projects I am currently working on as some of those projects are billed by the hour. I can start and stop the timer for different projects

Task 3: How much are you really spending?

HomeBudget with Sync

This is important whether you are single, married or have a family (and especially you have a family business). There are also desktop versions for this application.  I love the analysis feature of this app showing in charts/diagrams exactly where the money is spent. It is vital to develop good saving habits and planning a budget. Just like with paper trails, there are ‘money trails’ where you are spending money on non-essential items and not seeing the bigger picture. This app is great because it syncs with both Android/iOS/Mac/PC and other people can see where the money is being spent.

Task 4: What Bills are due (and not forgetting to pay them).

Pocketbook (iOS and Android)

Being an entrepreneur especially in start up phase can be very tough financially, so you need to stay on top of bills and have systems in place to help your with reminders. This app is designed specifically to help you monitor bills (and the app even sends you reminders to pay the bills when they are due).

Task 5: Managing your stress levels thru the day…

Stress Tracker (iOS and Android)

Like with anything, you don’t realise there is a pattern to your behaviour until you keep a diary every day for a period of time (over one week at least). Whether it is spending, organisation, or even stress, there are diary apps to help you manage all these things mentioned. Stress Tracker lets you measure your stress/mood levels quickly and then can compile a daily, weekly and monthly bar graph chart. Having a visual chart can really help you to pinpoint what are the overall factors that are causing that stress and once a problem is identified make it easier to ask for help.

Stress Tracker

These apps aren’t your everyday ‘entrepreneur’ apps but I wanted these apps to reflect what entrepreneurs need to help them take risks in business. Click here for yesterday’s post on ‘Essential Accessories for iPads in Business’.

adminBeing Mobile as an entrepreneur in business

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    Hi Megan,

    Thankyou for producing this blog, it is very helpful.
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    Michael Sutherland

  • Simon - December 16, 2013 reply

    This is really a comprehensive article to make entrepreneur organized with the help of the mobile applications. I completely agree with each and every point that I can got to know about here. Thanks a lot for such an informative write up

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