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Business Technology Needs

by admin on April 17, 2013 , No comments

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Business Technology Needs can vary from client to client or depending on the individual.

It was an interesting question that I posed to a women’s forum last week and there were some common threads.  Most of the mobile apps were based around productivity, note taking or managing social media.

Some of the apps mentioned included: Tweetdeck, Feed.ly, Hootsuite, Google Apps, Dropbox, Evernote and Wunderlist.

Here are my top ten tools that I use in my working day at Tech Coach HQ (and on weekends!) I will split them up into three blog posts.

Blog post 1:

  1. Twitter- using Tweetdeck, Tagboard (visual tweet board) and Buffer to post tweets on a schedule.
  2. Pinterest (both Desktop and Mobile)
  3. Dropbox (both Desktop and Mobile)

Blog post 2:

  1. Evernote (and Evernote Hello)
  2. Skitch for Desktop and Mobile
  3. Google Drive (Mobile and Desktop)

Blog Post 3:

  1. Flipboard (to manage Twitter/Facebook feeds)
  2. GoodReader
  3. Inspiration for iPad

10. Tiny.cc (shorten website addresses and create QR codes)

1. Twitter:

Twitter for me is mainly a tool I use for professional learning and research. I have always loved researching new ideas and Twitter lets me do this without having any boundaries or hurdles to cross.

To help me use this social platform well I use Tweetdeck (on desktop and mobile) to view all the different #hashtags I follow. To research the #hashtags I need to follow or push out my content I use: http://hashtagify.me this looks at the relevant #hashtags, top influencers within that hashtag and a few other fantastic features.

tagboard.com helps put out the tweets in a visual board style (great for visualising the tweets and this makes it easier to scan tweets on a particular topic).

Followerwonk.com helps to analyse, track, sort and research followers who follow you or any other user on Twitter. It’s great to see where the followers are coming from (can see a map and it breaks down where your users are from).

2. Pinterest

Pinterest for me became a personal tool to start with and it has changed to being both for professional learning/business tool and for personal use. My professional ideas/research boards are up the top of the Pinterest page and my personal ideas/boards follow on from that. I find ‘pinning ideas’ easier on my iPad and I have found that it is easier to organise your boards first and then start pinning rather than pinning in categories that aren’t really related. If you set up a Pinterest Business page and follow the steps then you can follow the analytics of the of your Pinterest page.

3. Dropbox

I have found that more often than not I am relying on my mobile device (iPad with Retina) for working on a daily basis.

It makes perfect sense also to find mobile apps that integrate with Dropbox. Here is an article from Business Insider that covers 8 apps that communicate with Dropbox for an easy workflow process.

Look forward to sharing the next two blog posts with how to integrate technology in a seamless manner.

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