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Business eBooks and Mobile Devices

Day 11

Business eBooks are becoming more popular with the various publishing platforms and the ease in which you can create and market them.

Yesterday’s post was focused on reading from your mobile devices for your business and today’s blog post is going to be focused on creating material from your mobile devices for mobile devices (or even for reading via your desktop/laptops).

In Education, they are doing this really well with various apps on the market and students self-publishing (Jane Ross- Indonesia using Book Creator) as a way of creativity, developing writing and content skills and sharing their content with other students, teachers and the rest of the world.

6 secrets of publishing an eBook from iPad

There are many uses of eBooks for business. This could be as simple as a business manual/policy documents, onboarding process for new employees, or using it as a training manual.

Real Estate Agents and eBooks

One example is using it for real estate agents. They could create an eBook based on the suburbs that they are servicing that includes schools, shopping, medical practices – everything that a prospective client is looking for when moving into an area. This is then a portable format for clients to read on their smartphones or tablet devices.

3 types of eBook Formats:

ePub: Is the open standard for digital book publishing globally. It is accepted thru all eBook platforms (except for the Kindle) which has it’s own format.

PDF: Format by Adobe known as ‘Portable Document Format’.

AZW: Amazon’s own format used exclusively on the Kindle. You can still read this file via Kindle Apps for smartphones, computers and tablets.

Hints for creating interactive eBooks:

* Have your content ready to go (i.e. images, audio and written text).

* Have a title for each chapter and sub-headings by using a Storyboard app or template.

* Keep your notes in Evernote until ready to be published.

Top apps for eBook Creation

1.  eBook Creator for iPad (iOS)

I have played with eBook Creator for iPad and love it for the fact I can images, text, music, video and a narration to put together your eBook. Like with anything, it is best to play around with the app before you start creating material for your eBook. There are some great tutorials and videos that explain the different features of this app.

2. Creative Book Builder (Android and iOS)

This is the other eBook creation app I have been using with clients. You can publish the ePub (eBook format) to any eBook reader including iBook Store. The ability to share these books via email, convert the book to a PDF, upload it to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Creative Book Builder for Android and iOS

Other options: There are many varied ways of creating materials and one of these by using Open Source software. Click on the Creating Open Source eBooks link to find out more about ‘Open Source’. This software is free and is able to be redistributed and modified.

On a side note: Once you have created your eBook, if you would like to publish it there are websites now that specialise in self-publishing to create eBooks: such as Lulu. Here is a list of eight self-publishing websites comparing each features.

You are only limited by your imagination, planning and commitment to write your eBook. I highly recommend following Johanna Baker-Dowdell (her story about self-publishing) and who crowd-funded and self-published ‘Business and Baby on Board’ (purchase here).

Business and Baby on Board

Looking forward to publishing this 30 Day Blog challenge both as an interactive eBook and as a paper book in 2014, stay tuned and remember to take things ‘one byte at a time’.

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