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Business Collaboration Apps using mobile devices

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Business Collaboration Apps using mobile

devices, Day 21

Team Work and apps

Today is a special day, as I celebrate my birthday in a 30+ age bracket (not going to name the number). I have been reflecting lately of ‘how I best work’ and looking at options for 2014. Some of my options include a co-working space such as Hub Melbourne, serviced offices such as Regus or just working from my home office.

At the moment, Tech Coach HQ works with others in a team on an informal basis, rather than a formal basis, but I know that one of the requirements that people look out for is ‘business collaboration’ apps and is vital for those who work in sales.

As we near the end of 2013, collaboration and managing teams remotely is a key part of any business. I heard the story the other day from Legally Bas, where one of her team members works at home and she only sees her 2-3 times a year. In this situation, it is vital that there are online and mobile apps to help with communication, knowledge management and daily business activities.

Project Management:


Flow is another project management software that has both Mac/PC as well as apps for mobile devices. From this app you can work on projects, join in discussion, share files and capture ideas from any device (which is synced) making the workflow of your team much easier to manage.


Basecamp is by the company 37signals and is both a web and mobile app. It is used extensively by companies for project management and includes many great features such as web-based calendars, you can get notified when a task is finished (on a project you are managing), documents projects from start to finish and many more great ideas.

Team Management (or Employee Management)

One of the requests that I received the other day (for researching apps) was to find an app that helped with clocking in and out employees hours. A great ‘Mashable’ article provides some of those answers.


Last week I was fortunate enough to attend ‘A Mobile Tradesperson’ night at Beyond the Box. One of the companies featured was ‘Geoop’ an Kiwi business (with a great Australian office) that has set up a brillant field management software system that also integrates with other products such as Xero, Navman, Freshbooks just to name a few. If you are in the plumbing, electrical, IT, cleaning, landscaping, audiovisual, moving and building industries this is definitely something worth recommending. This system manages your employees, tracks jobs (deploys jobs) so employees don’t have to go into the office to get their jobs for their day, employees can issue invoices, clients can sign documents, add images for the job and much more. I highly recommend watching the videos on the website to get further information.

Evernote Business:

Currently I use Evernote Premium, but if the members of my team expand I will be upgrading to Evernote Business as I love it’s flexibility to share notebooks, notes and keep teams working collaboratively. You can share certain notebooks for certain projects and if that team member leaves, close the access for that notebook.

Evernote Business Uses

Communication Tools:


This app was developed by a Melbourne based company and was bought out by Microsoft. I know of several companies that use Yammer as an internal social networking channel (and it’s great that there is the app to match). Here conversations can happen between colleagues, photos can be shared with various groups and receive push notifications for important events in your business or company.

Yammer App

Google Hangouts

There are more options now to use video conversations such as Google Hangouts with business teams. To use Google Hangouts you only require a GMail account and then you can get started either via your web browser or mobile device. I use Google Hangouts via the iPad app and also via my web browser (FireFox) as I can screenshare my desktop with clients and those in my team. With Skype, you now have to pay for this feature in Skype Premium.


Skype via a mobile device is perfect (especially on an iPad) and has definitely been used during this #30dayblogchallenge. With Skype, you now have to pay for screen sharing in Skype Premium.

I have really enjoyed writing this blog post. What apps do you use in your teams? What works and what doesn’t work?Would love to know..so drop me an email at megan@techcoachhq.com.au or @megsamanda.

Today, is definitely is a ‘me’ day (being a birthday girl) so on that note I am off to spend the day doing things that I love, until tomorrow’s blog post.

adminBusiness Collaboration Apps using mobile devices

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