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30 Day Challenge: mobile devices in business day 3

by admin on November 3, 2013 , 1 comment

30 Day Challenge  of using a mobile

Device for my

Business (Day 3)

My 30 Day challenge and already into Day 3.  This morning as usual I checked out my twitter feed and have been really encouraged by the feedback and encouragement. I do write a lot of blog posts (and usually for everyone else such as Leaders in Heels and Women in Focus as their tech experts). So, this was a great time to write a post a day sharing the tools I use and how I actually use them in my business.

10,000 steps a day with my FitBIt

Once I get my fitbit Flex back (or a new one as the last one managed to come off my wrist!), then I shall be able to start tracking how many steps a day I am walking. I downloaded the app, so that just by holding my hand near the iPad, the Fitbit synced with the iPad’s app and showed how many calories and steps/km’s I had walked. When working from home, or even with a desk job it’s vital that you try and get out and do exercise. I love when the Fitbit starts flashing which means I had hit the goal of 10,000 steps for the day. After seeing this TED Talk on ‘Walking and Business Meetings’ and I have been trying to get out and walk with business clients on a more regular basis.

fitbit for iPad

Mobilise your business, the Real Estate way!

I am currently preparing for several presentations including REIV’s Digital Exchange coming up on the 12th November. It is entitled ‘Mobilise your business, the Real Estate Way’. This is definitely an industry that could benefit from using their mobile devices from everything to taking images, editing images, annotating PDF files and sharing information with clients about the suburbs that they are looking at investing in- all from the palm of their hands.

Time Management, or the lack of it!

Time management is a vital factor in any business and this app entitled ‘Performance’ developed by Matt Steinwede (from McGrath Central Coast Real Estate Agents) will definitely help. One of my biggest struggles in business is keeping track of time for clients (when they are being billed on an hourly basis) and since using this app mentioned by Kevin Turner it has made a vital difference to Tech Coach HQ.

Performance App by Matt Steinwade

Pro’s and Con’s with Business Decisions

When working as a sole trader, some of the challenges you can face is the simple ability to share ideas and bounce off others. It is one of the main reasons that I am part of several small business owner facebook groups as well as the Women in Focus community and Flying Solo. I also use T-Charts (Pro’s and Con’s) to help balance out the decisions when working on future plans for Tech Coach HQ. This app helps me see both the positive and negatives of a situation and gets the ideas onto the iPad.

Crowdsourcing Ideas

I also love crowdsourcing (sharing ideas with my social media community and connections). I understand not everyone approves of this but without the bouncing back of ideas, my business card, logo and even working on my updated ‘tag line’ would not be possible.

I use IFTTT (and you can also do this via the website) to aggregate (push all the ideas together) in one place. One of the ‘recipes’ I use is ‘If a new link by @megsamanda, then create a new note in Evernote.You can create any ‘recipe’ by using two or three apps or software combinations such as Evernote and Twitter, or Facebook and Dropbox.

IFTTT My Recipes
Off to go for a walk, just to make sure I get my 10,000 steps in for the day, don’t forget to take things ‘one byte at a time’. Would you use a device to help measure your walking? From the ‘Tech Coach HQ’.

admin30 Day Challenge: mobile devices in business day 3

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  • Kathy - November 3, 2013 reply

    Funny you should mention this – I am about to start the 10,000 Steps a Day thing and was thinking I’d need to acquire a pedometer. So if I get a FitBit thing, will it sync with my Samsung Android or is the app iPhone only?

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