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Apps for Family Travel

by Megan Iemma on December 3, 2014 , 1 comment

Apps for Family Travel

Appy Summer Holidays

So, it’s come to the end of the year and it’s ‘Summer Holidays’ in Australia. Now, comes both fun and slow torture if you have children (especially those of school age). Fun, because it’s a decent break during school holidays and torture finding activities to keep kids occupied.

Now, just because I am a technology coach, doesn’t mean that I don’t love technology for kids. However, I am much more aware of screen time especially during school holidays and it’s either you can have the iPad or you can have TV (you can’t have both!)

I would rather my kids create things using ‘tech’ rather than purely consuming content all the time.

Pinterest Board for Apps and Family Travel

So, like always when I am researching a topic, there is a Pinterest Board dedicated to this particular idea. http://www.pinterest.com/meganaiemma/apps-for-family-holidays/

Top five ideas to keep your family sane while travelling (with tech)

Travel Journals


Depending on the age of the children, will depend on whether they can write or type text into a travel journal. However you can always take images (add the text yourself) to create memories. Some of these apps then have the ability to convert into printed books. I still have my travel journal (and so does my sister) with all the things we collected like postcards, flyers, feathers and any other momentos that we collected on our ‘Expo Trip’ in 1988 from Tasmania to Brisbane.

Things to look for in a travel journal

  1. Can you draw pictures?
  2. Can you add maps of locations where you have been?
  3. Can you share with friends?
  4. Is there an online portal as well as an app?
  5. Can you export the information at the end of your trip?

Suggested Apps:

Bound Round: Kids Travel (Free)

Trip Journal ($)

Create eBooks (and perhaps a physical book)

What better way to capture your holiday (even if it’s just visiting family interstate) than to write a book (or more specifically an eBook). There are some great options for both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) users.

These are very easy to use and can be uploaded and exported for various formats such as

  1. PDF Files (to Print)
  2. ePubs (International standard eBook format)
  3. iBook Store or Google Play Store

Recommended Apps:

Book Creator (Free and $) iOS and Android

Creative Book Builder ($) iOS and Android

My Story- Book Maker for Kids ($) iOS only

What to look for with eBook apps:

  1. Can you draw pictures in (great for younger kids)
  2. Can you import pictures from different sources?
  3. Can you add audio and video to make the book interactive?
  4. What formats does it export as?

Travel Blog Apps

If you are going overseas, travelling around Australia or taking a ‘Gap Year’, setting up a travel blog is a great way to engage older children and develop a love of writing, (maybe some geography skills) and ways to capture memories.

Things to look out for with travel blog apps:

  1. Can you share it with family and friends or social media
  2. Can you upload photos
  3. Can you use Maps to map out your journey
  4. Is there a mobile way of uploading information? Android or iOS App
  5. Can you convert that information into a book

Some examples of sites:




Not only are there apps which can send ‘digital postcards’ direct to friends and family, but there are apps that convert your images into a real postcard (and send it to your chosen address).

Take Photo, Posted as a real postcard

One of my favourite’s is ‘TouchNote’ which allows you to add an image, add text and then personalise. This card is then sent anywhere in the world. Postage is free for Australia (just paying for the card).

Take Photo, Digital Postcard

For a digital postcard app: I highly recommend ‘Photocard by Bill Atkinson Photocard (free). This is free and easy to use for the kids. It comes with the ability to import images and add stickers as well as personalising it just like a paper postcard. Sending postcards or even just the concept of writing to someone is a dying art, so this is a way of still sharing those concepts.

Create your own puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to amuse the time and to stimulate the brain. I love the apps where you can use your own photos to create your own puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty.


Jigsaw Puzzle both iOS and Android

That should be enough to keep the whole family entertained…What are your favourite apps either iOS or Android that you like using with the family especially for road trips? Share in the comments below.

Megan IemmaApps for Family Travel

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