About Tech Coach HQ

Tech Coach HQ dreams about a world where individuals and organisations can harness complex technology for their own needs and agendas, in ways that make sense to them. And we help make it a reality.

Your business can use social media, mobile learning and online tools to optimise productivity, time management and work-flow, and to enable different kinds of work.

At Tech Coach HQ, we help you understand what technology can do to reduce your personal and professional workload, how it can become part of your positive daily habits, and how to replace technology discomfort with enthusiasm to transform your life.

Embedding technology into your working and social life is not simply a matter of providing good system manuals.

Why Us?

At Tech Coach HQ, we empower you to truly understand the technology that will benefit your life – and deploy it, beyond the bottom line, to help build social capital in a way that is only just beginning to be recognised and appreciated.

Megan Presenting

At the Ultimate Business Support (UBS) Workshop 2014

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