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About Me

Tech Coach and ‘IT’ girl Megan Iemma is a thought leader in the world of technology and its uses.

As an educator and self-confessed ‘techno-geek’, Megan combines her passion for communication with her addiction to technology as the Founder of Teach Coach HQ – working with businesses, schools, community groups and individuals to improve their processes and let them embrace the productivity (and fun) technology has to offer.

Megan covers a comprehensive portfolio of streamlined business and personal tech benefits to deliver information that really does change lives.

My Qualifications

Megan has completed a double degree in the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Teaching at the University of Melbourne. Megan also holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Hiring Megan

  • Three Reasons To Book Megan Iemma

    1. Megan knows how to make technology both fun and functional.
    2. Megan can help audience members look beyond technology roadblocks to see how technology tools help with productivity.
    3. Megan’s enthusiasm for technology is infectious.

  • Megan’s Topics of Expertise

    . Digital productivity and organization
    . Mobile devices in business
    . Organise your business, personal and professional life with Evernote
    . Social media for your business
    . Content curation
    . Digital literacy for women
    . Digital humanitarianism

  • Previous Engagements

    Megan has spoken at numerous events including:
    . Chartered Accountants (CA) Business Practice Forum
    . Mobile Travel Agents (MTA) National Conference
    . Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) conferences
    . Pearson Professional Learning Australia conferences
    . uLearn International (New Zealand) conferences

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