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Taking stock of your business using mobile devices

by admin on November 15, 2013 , No comments

Taking Stock of your business using mobile devices.

Day 15

Taking stock of your business using your mobile device can save time, improve workflow and help employees be mobile.  Some of the questions that I got asked yesterday were basic questions that a business owner with retail or even service providers face every day. These include tasks such as keeping track of stock, filling in forms, keeping a track of when employees come and go and many more. I am starting to fill out my own personal inventory of all my tech gear and resources for the business via one of the apps listed below.

Managing a business remotely can be important for business owners and it’s no different for the Tech Coach.  Yesterday proved that to me spending 5 hours on a train and needing to still run my business regardless. I find Skype valuable when I need to take calls and recently I have upgraded to have some Skype credit so I can ring mobile and landline numbers.

Traditional processes vs Digital

Traditional processes can be blended into a digital process but there might be a few steps to get there. Often, it requires ‘one byte’ at a time and

Here are some of the wish lists for apps after the workshop from yesterday in Bendigo:

http://profitablehospitality.com/news/index.php/kitchen-management/20-ways-an-ipad-can-improve-your-restaurant-cafe-hotel-or-bar Great article on how an iPad can improve the hospitality industry.

1. Inventory (see Below)

2. Order from iPad (depends on your Inventory system if this already built in)

3. Create Invoices: Invoice2Go, Xero or some CMS’s have those features of creating Invoices.

4. Update CMS (access computer from TeamViewer or Splashtop Remote)

5. Syncing Calendars (Informant Pro) or use Google Calendars and add respective calendars.

6. Paper Receipts (Shoeboxed and Expensify)

7. Email Syncing (http://www.getseedmail.com/)

8. Stocktake (See below)

9. Stock tracking (see below)

10. Tracking wine cellar stock- How many tasters have been used? (see Below)

11. Handwriting apps  – Handwriting Recognition Apps (http://www.techcoachhq.com.au/taking-notes-devices-in-business/)

12. How to capture statistics (Google Drive)

13. Capturing telephone call notes (http://www.techcoachhq.com.au/taking-notes-devices-in-business/)

14. Interactive Display of images and note relating to customer experiences (Use Keynote) or create an eBook, or Portfolio for iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/portfolio-for-ipad/id384210950?mt=8

15. Cleaning Inventory for Hotels/Motels and Accomodation venues.

http://www.protel.net/product/housekeeping-app/ (Housekeeping App)

16. Check In Staff (how to monitor when staff check in and check out via an app) http://mashable.com/2010/10/24/time-management-iphone-apps/

17. Filling out forms on a mobile device (KustomNote integrates with Evernote)

18. Occupational Health and Safety Auditing (iAuditor – Safety Audit and Checklist)

19. Sign forms (PDF Forms)

20. Demonstrations of procedures or creating training videos (Explain everything) – creating screencasts

So, will be working my way thru this list as part of researching. As I mentioned before, sometimes not one ‘app’ will solve it. For me, it’s always more than the technology, it’s the people that use it and make it easier for those around them. It’s enabling businesses to be able to be mobile, streamline processes and allow for innovation.

Inventory app for Sole Traders or Business Owners who work from home:

Encircle: Home Inventory This is a great app that lets you take pictures of different rooms and then catalogues what items are in that room. Great not only for records but also for insurance in case of damages.

Encircle home inventory app

Mobile Devices and Wineries

Two of the businesses that were present at this workshop were wineries. Here is some interesting ways iPads are being used in the winery industry (see website). This is another solution for wineries. An article on using iPads to improve efficiency in the cellar, a great read.


As always, if I can do research I will find apps for both Android and iOS devices. Here is an article by UPS (on Forbes) that lists 5 inventory apps.

Inventory Tracker: has both Android and iOS options. This app helps with tracking inventory, sales, payment, shipment and keeps track of stock on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Inventory Tracker app

On Shelf- Retail Inventory Manager: This app helps you optimise your inventory, helps view customer histories, helps you track items in stock.

Xero (accounting software) has also partners that integrate with their software, click here for all the options possible.

I can’t believe two weeks has gone quickly since I started this blog challenge, the time is going quickly. My focus has changed slightly..yes I am still using my iPad every day, but really wanted to share all the different ways a mobile device can be used in business. Over the next two weeks I will be looking at different industries and how they can implement mobile solutions.

I will be attacking more of these in Day 16’s blog post. Remember to look at day 14’s blog post which was looking at the power of connection via social media on your mobile device.

adminTaking stock of your business using mobile devices

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