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Using your mobile devices in Business: Coaching

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Devices in

Business: Coaching (Day 5)

Mobile devices in business and I have been using my device for coaching today. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Melbourne and I have 1 ‘tech savvy’ coaching session planned for this morning and a phone interview this afternoon.

Mobile Devices in Business: Coaching 101

My coaching client is now a regular and we have been meeting every week to help bring her revamped business up to speed ready for 2014. She does have an iPad, so we were tidying up her Evernote folders ready for the next session next week.

Notes for Review (with Coaching Clients):

One of the things I do when working with my 1:1 clients is to take notes which I then tidy up in an Evernote after I have finished with the client (again this is done on my mobile device and is synced with my Evernote Desktop and online version of Evernote. Part of the review process is to also attach additional documents to the note or notebook relevant to what their homework is. I also like to include a voice message (all within the same note) for my clients to encourage them with their homework and as a verbal reminder (as not all clients are visual learners).

Android – So what is available?

The more I write about apps, productivity and business, the more I try and find equivalents for Android (as I use my iPad all the time). My husband has a Motorola Android phone which I have started to play with when I need to learn a new concept (or someone has a question). Such as @ActivateLearn (Helen Blunden) who has asked if I can include some Android equivalents to the iOS apps that I am mentioning.

So, from now on I will give two options: One app for iOS and one for Android. I am also curating a ‘Android Board’ on Pinterest and will place the apps in there as I research. At the end of the 30 days I will put together a list of all the apps both Android and iOS that I have mentioned over the 30 Day Challenge.

A great resource for Android Users is http://www.androidapps.com/ . This is an app directory for Android Apps. The iOS equivalent is Appolocious.

Android App Directory

Speech to Text Transcription

I am just starting to use Dragon Dictation for iPad after a period of time since using it. The main reason I am using it is to give me hands a break from typing. This is a brillant app for those who have a form of visual impairment or for students with special needs.

Dragon Dictation on the iPad

In 1998 I was diagnosed with CFS/FM (layman’s terms Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia). Not a great combination when studying at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music with harpsichord as my major.

I was very blessed to be looked after by the Disability Liaison Unit (Melb. University) and they introduced me to Dragon Dictation. Having to type multiple assignments with tight deadlines was made much easier once I had ‘trained’ Dragon how to recognise my voice.

In that first year, while still coping I also worked as a research assistant for the DLU (Disability Liaison Unit) working with two visually impaired students. I used Dragon again for preparing materials for their university courses which both happened to be psychology degrees.

When a ‘situational disability’ occurs such as an accident or illness these products can make life much easier. A friend of mine was injured at work and it was suggested for her to use Dragon Dictation with her iPad to type up reports and all written correspondence due to her right hand being very weak and unable to withstand much typing. It has enabled her to return to work nearly full time.

Industries that would benefit from this type of software include:

Virtual Assistants, PA’s

Management/Executives/ those on Boards

Medical Industry



Banking/Financial Sector

Real Estate Agents

*On the Android Note, there isn’t the full version of Dragon Dictation (but instead Dragon Mobile Assistant). However, a blog post I discovered from ‘The Droid Lawyer’ explains a work around using Google Drive and your Android Device for a DIY version of speech to text translation.

It’s nearly time to watch the Melbourne Cup, so I will have a break for now and then get back to curating content for my Android Boards and ‘Apps for Business’. Remember, it’s good to get some fresh sunshine and take ‘one byte at a time’. From the ‘Tech Coach HQ’. Click here for Day 4 of the Blog Challenge.

adminUsing your mobile devices in Business: Coaching

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