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Making Videos for your business using mobile devices

by admin on November 16, 2013 , No comments

Making Videos for your business using

mobile devices (Day 16)

Telling your story

Making videos for your business using a mobile device is become easier with both Android and iOS devices. Today being a Saturday, is creating some down time for me. I still have research to do and complete on the list of apps that I shared yesterday but will be taking notes using Dragon Dictation and researching some new apps on video production.

As usual, as soon as I want to research a new topic, the first thing I do is create a Pinterest Board, and this is entitled ‘Apps for Video and Photography’. I have also set up a new notebook in Evernote for written notes (and how-to tutorial links) in there as well.

There are three types of video creation tools that you are

looking at when using a mobile device.

1. Shooting video using specific apps either for Android or iOS

2. Video Production, Editing and Publishing.

3. ‘Explainer’ Videos or ‘Screencasts’ as they are known.

There are also fantastic accessories that you can use when shooting video from a mobile device whether it is an android, iOS, phone or tablet. The link is to an online store entitled ‘So’ – perfect accessories for those with mobile devices.

The Photojojo store

Especially with an iPad, it is important if you are shooting a video that you have a stable platform. One such product is a movie mount that your iPad mounts onto a tripod.

MoJo: Mobile Journalism

A great example of these in action is NT Mojo’s (MoJo standing for ‘mobile journalism’) with Ivo Burrum (hear his interview from Slide2Learn). They are using iPhones with the Owle Video Rig (which comes with a mic and wide angle lens and it incases the iPhone) to shoot footage in indigenous communities. These are used to capture and edit stories that are of oral tradition that are vital to both language and cultural preservation of the Australian Indigenous culture.

It is also interesting to note that more journalists are being provided with iPhones/smartphones so that they can shoot videos, take images, record interviews and edit them out on the field and then upload them for radio, or news. My sister – Laurissa Smith works with the ABC in Wagga as a rural journalist and love seeing her use her iPhone as a journalist to do exactly these things that are mentioned above.

Top 5 Apps for shooting video:

1. SocialCam: (Android and iOS) There is no time limit on shooting these videos and there are extra filters you can add in.

2. 8mm (iOS) Retro video camera for both iPhone and iPad.

3. iSupr8 (iOS) Super 8mm Vintage Camera. Can also import videos in to add filters.

4. FiLMiC Pro (iOS) and there is also a remote app that you can use on another mobile device to control the finer details of video capture.

5. Mixbit (Android and iOS) Record, edit and publish videos all from this one app.

Always try and look for apps that you can upload video files to Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube or other cloud based services for distrubution and editing purposes.

Top 5 Apps for Video Production/Editing

1. Magisto (Android and iOS) Full video and editing production suite for both Android and iOS.

2. Cinefy (iOS) Special FX Studio for editing on the iPad.

3. Splice (iOS) Helps join videos together

4. Reel Director (iOS) Another video editing app, great for those who just need to get started on editing their videos.

5. iMovie (iOS) iMovie will come free with all iPads purhcased after Sept, 2013. A great app and lots of video tutorials on how to use iMovie for iPad.

Splice Video editing app

Tomorrow I will be sharing an entire blog post dedicated to creating ‘screencasts’ via your iPad. Click here to go to yesterday’s blog post on ‘Taking Stock of your business using mobile devices’.

adminMaking Videos for your business using mobile devices

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