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Can you be creative with mobile devices in Business?

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Can you be creative with mobile

devices in Business? Day 9

Mobile Devices in Business is certainly a broad topic and something that can challenge individuals and businesses in terms of deployment, management and then structure to use them in a business. Technology is changing at such a rapid rate that the way these devices is being used far beyond than what the manufacturers ever intended them to be.

Mobile Devices for Learning

For example in education, the iPad has just taken off in schools and especially those who have a disability whether it is intellectual, physical or for those who have changing needs in a medical sense (see Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne) where they have recently launched an app entitled “Create, Explore, Learn” (both iOS and Android). This includes videos, artist’s interviews (from those who designed the art at the hospital) and interactive activities (both my children love this app and so will adults).

Create Learn Explore App from Royal Children's Hospital (Melbourne)

 Seniors and Mobile Devices

Also, at the other end of the spectrum is nursing and aged care, where iPads are being used as a therapy tool, rehabilitation/stroke tool and even specific apps are being developed like the Alzheimer’s App designed by Alzheimer’s Australia and Bupa Australia to help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia (available for both Android and iOS). I know several of my friends have bought iPads for their parents (aged 60 up) and it means they can converse with their children/grandchildren via Skype, take photos, read eBooks and the list goes on.

Brainy App from Alzheimer's Australia and Bupa Australia

Today is a Saturday, and so I have decided I need some down time before a very busy week ahead with a Business Mentoring Session, regular ‘tech savvy’ coaching clients, Keynoting at REIV’s Digital Exchange Conference, delivering a “Mobile Devices in Business with Tim Gentle”, and attending a “The New Mobile Tradesperson” night with Beyond the Box (Moonee Ponds).

Being Creative with your iPad

I love being creative with any piece of software (though I haven’t mastered Photoshop yet) and love experimenting with photos, music apps and anywhere where I can experiment.

So today is about apps where you can create content that could be used for your blog (business website), for personal use or even just for some down time.

Typography Apps:

I have had lots of fun this morning playing and researching these apps. One of my hobbies is to collect inspirational and motivational quotes and I do this via Pinterest. I am up to 834 quotes now and love when people decide to re-pin these (usually quotes I have found or just re-pinned). If I ever create ‘quote images’, they are always my own quotes as sometimes it is difficult to pin down exactly who originally said the phrase. On my Macbook (via a web browser) I use ‘Recite this’, Quoizo, or Pinstamatic’ to create quotes which I then share on my Facebook ‘Tech Coach HQ’ page and Pinterest.

Megan Iemma, Tech Coach HQ Quote mobile devices in business

Apps for Bloggers

 So today, was all about trying to replicate this on my iPad. I discovered these three via ‘Top 40 Typography Apps’. The first is  A+ Signature (iOS), this app allows you to annotate over your photos whether this is a watermark, autograph or create a meme. Ampergram (iOS and Android- see below creates funky words using different typography found around us. A Beautiful Mess (iOS) this app adds custom filters, great fonts and lots of little images for your photos.


Quote Generators

Other specific quote generators for iPad include: pQuote and Word Swag – Cool Typography & quotes generator for pic.  These apps are perfect for bloggers (my Pinterest board on using ‘Apps for Bloggers’ and any other information that I find useful or worth sharing. Here is something for Android users with ‘InstaQuote’- add text to photos (and then can share via camera roll or social media. I have a girlfriend who has a business called ‘Shoe Envy‘ that creates glamorous designer shoes that are 100% vegan. They use ‘cat meme’s and humourous quotes to generate connections and relationships with their customers via their Facebook Page.

Off to do some reading of marketing material I need to study up for an upcoming workshop on the 30th of November, so will talk about the apps that I use specifically for reading on my iPad in tomorrow’s blog. Remember, always take just ‘one byte at a time’ with Tech Coach HQ. Click here for yesterday’s blog of ‘Solving Everyday Problems with your Device’.

adminCan you be creative with mobile devices in Business?

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